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One of the partners wrote me:

there is a bug on opencart version 2.3 and 3 that its not allowing to set default language we are still working on the solution for it so we can provide it to our customer , will update you once with ready with solution

if you setup extension

- you can admin as a french but for the front its remaining English by default that is the bug ,

for admin it works fine

Does anyone know anything about this bug and of any language extensions that will allow us to change the front end language but keep the admin language in English?



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Post by straightlight » Sat Dec 02, 2017 3:18 am

This issue originates from an improper configuration of the storage folder and from the database. Ensure the language table matches accordingly as per installation based of Opencart as well as the setting table of the database where the config_language and the config_language_default are properly configured. Those two fields can be a pain sometimes. :)

As for the storage folder, ensure it is stored outside your public_html / www / htdocs folder(s) and create a storage folder with recursive permissions of: 0755 or, if not possible with 0755 - set with 0777 recursively. This should rectify the issue for your default language.

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