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Below are the details of a credit card scammer from Brazil that has bought around 40 extensions that turned to charge backs.


I have over 40 of these:

Dear Daniel Kerr,

We have received a chargeback from our provider for the following transaction:

Transaction ID: 1671027726
Amount: 89 USD
Date: 15/01/2016

A chargeback transaction and corresponding fee have therefore been deducted from your balance. These can be found in the 'history' section of your Skrill account:

Chargeback transaction ID: 1689582555
Chargeback fee transaction ID: 1689582556

In order for us to dispute this chargeback and potentially report the case to the authorities, we request that you provide us with the following:

- Name, address and contact details of the customer
- Details of the goods/services provided to the customer
- Proof that the goods/services were sent to the customer
- Any additional information that you feel is relevant to this case

This should be sent via email to or fax to +44 709 204 2001. If we are able to successfully dispute this charge back, you will be reimbursed appropriately.

Kind regards,
Skrill Merchant Services

Scumbags details

11006426_881450611928794_8746215769902033658_n.jpg (10.57 KiB) Viewed 1589 times

Person: fernando rangel da silva

Facebook page:

Username: Afabricaweb...
Member Group: Default
First Name:
Last Name:
Web Site:

Username: ihostweb...
Member Group: Default
First Name:
Last Name:

Username: ihostweb
Member Group: Default
First Name: wellinton
Last Name: silva

Username: ihostweb
Member Group: Default
First Name: wellinton
Last Name: silva

Username: ihost987
Member Group: Default
First Name: ronerto
Last Name: dias

Web Sites

also he seems related to this site as hes listed as a contact on the whois history

27 nic-hdl-br: FERSI92
29 person: fernando rangel da silva 28 person: fernando rangel da silva
29 e-mail:
30 created: 20120518 30 created: 20120518
31 changed: 20120518 31 changed: 20120518

notice all his addresses are images so you can not search his address.

Closed down sites: ...

other email address

linked to these emails by complaint here: ... ercadoria/


Rua Charles Linberg 841 - Jrd California
Londrina - PR - Cep:86040-160
+43 3039-1883
+43 9961 3856

Rua Charles Linberg 116 - Monte Verde
Florianpolis - SC - Cep:88032-510
+48 3238-2124
+48 9923-3023

rua charles lindemberg 801 - jardim california, LONDRINA - PR, 86040-160
(43) 9961-3856


(27) 3063-1330
(35) 9918-9532
(27) 99880-5974
(43) 4052-9421

Seems hes scamming quite a few people ... -recebido/ ... ercadoria/ ... ao-recebi/ ... -pessoais/



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