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This is regarding currency conversion.

We have a website using Codeigniter on which we are using Opencart as a subset system for cart and checkout etc. So just like Opencart has a dropdown in the header to change currency rates.

We need to implement a dropdown in the header in Codeigniter (PHP Framework) so that it changes the currency in Opencart as well. By the way header is common b/w both Codeigniter and Opencart systems. Header resides under Codeigniter.

I have tried posting 'code' and 'redirect' variables to the currency function under controller in Opencart using Javascript and cURL. Basically trying to mimic Opencart dropdown functionality.

I have also tried setting the session variable: $_SESSION['default']['currency'] = 'EUR'; (for example)

Both ways do not work!

Kindly, let me know if you need more information.

Is there a way we can change the currency from outside of Opencart using PHP etc? Please let me know.




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maybe this ... nzzUsbz9Bs
put you on the right way...

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