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Hello ,
i want to remove My Sender and Receiver addresses are the same. Checkbox and when someone on checkout page ,he/she have to fill both of sender detail and receiver detail .
How it can be possible.(oc2.3.0.2)
Thanks In advance O0

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Post by straightlight » Wed Jul 11, 2018 7:58 pm

Normally, the payment provider you are using should already handle the customer's address validation through their financial institution electronically to ensure the use of a valid address as per their restricted area policies. It is not normally up to the merchant to decide through the PCI-DSS compliancy how to handle these situations from a checkout-view at this point. An electronic response will be returned to the merchant explaining the detailed reason of the situation whenever an address has been mismatched.

Removing the checkbox from the checkout page won't solved the issue since the customer is still inclined to whether specify if the shipping address should match the billing address before completing the checkout process. Also take note of the admin APIs when this option needs to be selected. Removing the checkbox on one end won't resolved the admin-end since they both are calling the same payment options you are providing from your store one way or the other.

As per this article: ... sks-part-2
Merchants should request both billing and shipping addresses of the consumer so an AVS check can be conducted before a transaction is processed.
However, it does not indicate whether the billing and shipping address should be handled separately.

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Post by sayedsrkkhan » Thu Jul 12, 2018 4:31 pm

Thank you streightlight ,i did it ,check it:

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