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Since yesterday, i noticed that when i write, redirects to, appears "The page you requested cannot be found!" and if i click "continue" button it goes to (frontoffice) instead of admin login. If i want to enter admin login i have to write:

Before yesterday, to enter in my website, we write, now appears "The page you requested cannot be found" and if we click "continue" button, it opens the website (frontoffice) but, instead, shows
Help me, please!!!!



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- Ensure your admin/config.php and config.php files path are properly configured
- Ensure to remember what you modified in your .htaccess file (caused by an extension?)
- Clear all browsing navigation, close your browser, re-open your browser and see if you can type the admin folder without the full route. If not, then the issue is with .htaccess or your DirectoryIndex.

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