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Hi there everyone,
I was wondering if it is possible to view more information in the quickview page, like packaging or size.
I have managed to do this for the product page using this tutorial: you can see it in the attached file (product page.jpg) inside the red rectangle.
I also tried using the same code for the quickview.tpl but it looks bad.
So is there a way to achieve this? Maybe by modifying the code in the quickview.tpl a way that I haven't thought of?

Also I have a similar problem with the script on top of the price, it shows on the product page but not on the quickview, but I have no clue on why it would do that. (see green rectangle in attached quickview.jpg)

Like said before I have attached the images of the quickview page and the product page so you can see the differences that I'm trying to remove.

I am using opencart version and I have the journal2 theme installed. The website is

Thanks for the help,




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product page.jpg

product page.jpg (152.25 KiB) Viewed 136 times

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