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I've a working site, called We want to setup a second webshop, called

In my hosters webpannel, I've created a subdomain slalola, pointing to the same root as the main site.

In OC (version, I created a second store with url and pointed the default layout to a new layout that I've created.
In the new layout, I've pointed upper content to a new html module.

When I check the new website, it is only showing the content of the default site and not the content of the new site.

Did I missed something?


2018-02-16 19_02_56-Layouts.png

2018-02-16 19_02_56-Layouts.png (32.48 KiB) Viewed 104 times

2018-02-16 19_01_24-Domeinnamen

2018-02-16 19_01_24-Domeinnamen (5.79 KiB) Viewed 104 times

2018-02-16 19_01_04-Winkel-instellingen.png

2018-02-16 19_01_04-Winkel-instellingen.png (102.33 KiB) Viewed 104 times



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Well, it depends on several things, like the Server Subdomain Configuration,
wich is 'handled' differently by different Hosters, and the Fact, that you already
use an OC .htaccess File in the Server Root Section. It's therefore not
possible to give you a usable advise, without looking into your setup.

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