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Hallo, I cannot access the custom page in admin part of the site. I want it to be stand alone, and appearing in the main menu bulk. Not in modules. What I did:

1.I'm trying to build a new component in the open cart I have created files in
(and a couple of template files):

the index function in controller should load data in list_view.tpl

2. Then I have checked the boxes in Configuration->groups->permissions

3. I try to access the page by /admin/index.php?route=mycomponent/mycomponent&token=c167b51658c5e4b6a96bfc6247920b1c

4. I get the page with the acess denied message.

I have installed the files manualy via FTP.

I have searched for a couple of days from now, but cannot find the answer how to fix this or what am I doing wrong. Can anyone point me the way out? Really appreciate any help!


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Post by straightlight » Wed Feb 14, 2018 7:04 am

Ensure to have set proper permissions in your admin - > systems - > users - > user groups page. Your custom controller file should be listed into both text areas.

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