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I'm running tests with paypal in sandbox mode, I see the orders payments are processed, but why do open cart give the orders the status Cancelled? Is it because it is in sandbox mode or me not specifying what status should be given. Or is there an other issue? As for now I have set orders to get status Completed when paypal confirm payment. But been thinking that is not perfect either, as the order is not entirely completed until the goods are shipped. So thinking of setting it to Processing while I process the order

last question:
If order is set to Processing, is it safe to go into the database and change the status to completed when I have shipped the goods?
I want to make a script that take care of processing orders and when goods are sent the script set status to Complete, is there some issues doing this? I mean is there some other fields than oc_order.order_status_id that I need to update?




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For Orders that need further processing (packing/delivery etc) then the ideal status for confirmed paypal payments is to set it to Processing

If you sell downloadable items, then 'Completed' is a good choice to set as no further action is required with the ordered item


For your script, setting the order_status_id to the completed or shipped status_id in the order table should be fine, but the user will not get an automated email from the store (unless you have scripted that in yourself)


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