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I recently installed version of OpenCart. Everything appeared to be fine as I entered almost 100 products. I decided to create an account as a customer in my store and was unable to. It may be something wrong with the database as the state field does not work or allow input. There is an arrow as if to indicate a drop down menue would appear, but one does not. I get this error:

SyntaxError: JSON.parse: unexpected character at line 1 column 1 of the JSON data


<title>SurvivalDealer</title>{"country_id":"223","name":"United States","iso_code_2":"US","iso_code_3":"USA","address_format":"{firstname} {lastname}\r\n{company}\r\n{address_1}\r\n{address_2}\r\n{city}, {zone} {postcode}\r\n{country}","postcode_required":"1","zone":[{"zone_id":"3613","country_id":"223","name":"Alabama","code":"AL","status":"1"},{"zone_id":"3614","country_id":"223","name":"Alaska","code":"AK","status":"1"},{"zone_id":"3615","country_id":"223","name":"American Samoa","code":"AS","status":"1"},{"zone_id":"3616","country_id":"223","name":"Arizona","code":"AZ","status":"1"},{"zone_id":"3617","country_id":"223","name":"Arkansas","code":"AR","status":"1"},{"zone_id":"3618","country_id":"223","name":"Armed Forces Africa","code":"AF","status":"1"},{"zone_id":"3619","country_id":"223","name":"Armed Forces Americas","code":"AA","status":"1"},{"zone_id":"3620","country_id":"223","name":"Armed Forces Canada","code":"AC","status":"1"},{"zone_id":"3621","country_id":"223","name":"Armed Forces Europe","code":"AE","status":"1"},{"zone_id":"3622","country_id":"223","name":"Armed Forces Middle East","code":"AM","status":"1"},{"zone_id":"3623","country_id":"223","name":"Armed Forces Pacific","code":"AP","status":"1"},{"zone_id":"3624","country_id":"223","name":"California","code":"CA","status":"1"},{"zone_id":"3625","country_id":"223","name":"Colorado","code":"CO","status":"1"},

It continues on with dozens of zone errors. These are likely the choices to be displayed in the drop down which does not work.

If I hadn't already spent a hundred hours setting the store up, I would just do a fresh install. But since I don't want to start over, I need help to figure it out. I am willing to pay.

The store is installed at:



Fri Apr 21, 2017 10:57 am

Post by oc-extensions » Thu Apr 27, 2017 6:18 am


I see that in every json response is added <title>SurvivalDealer</title> which is not allowed there.
Please contact our team ( ) and one of our developers will help you to solve this

Have a nice day

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