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I am having a problem with my Taxcloud integration. I have installed an extension. My taxes are showing up multiplied by 1000, as described by the developer. If there is a solution for this that would be great. My other issue is that my taxes are being looked up, but not captured. I have spoken with Taxcloud about this. I was told that there are sites on Opencart working properly with them. Any help would be great. I am using OC Using Extension TaxCloud Integration by ClearThinking.

Thank you
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Please contact me with your order number at the e-mail address in the extension files, or the "contact" link in the extension description, for support with extension issues.

1. I have an explanation for why the tax lookups for the cart are multiplied by 1000, in the instructions.txt file and releasenotes.txt file. In case others are wondering, here's the text:

NOTE: In order to fix a rounding issues caused by TaxCloud, all tax lookups are now 1000 times their normal value. Because TaxCloud rounds the tax amount to 2 decimal places, this is the only way to get an accurate tax rate. Please note that this does NOT affect actual orders, which will always show the correct tax value, so it will not impact your tax report filings. TaxCloud has so far refused my requests to stop rounding the tax amount, and does not plan on allowing the actual tax rate to be requested via the API, so if you do not like this change, please contact TaxCloud and ask them to stop rounding tax amounts to 2 decimals.

TaxCloud recently contacted me about an updated API, and I'm hoping that this has been changed on their end, but I never heard back after I replied to their message. Hopefully they'll fix it soon.

2. Only tax LOOKUPS are multiplied, in order to get the tax rate. Captured orders will still be entirely correct, so it will not impact tax filings. If the orders aren't getting captured in OpenCart, you probably missed installing the ocMod file. Double-check that that shows up in Extensions > Modifications, and that you've refreshed the cache in there. If there is no modification file in that area, re-install the extension using the extension installer, as directed in the instructions.txt file.

If you have any issues after that, you can contact me here:

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