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I just upgraded to 2.3 after a lot of problems with GoDaddy doing a re-direct from http to https. It was recommended that I upgrade, and I paid a freelancer to do this. Apparently I have to wait now until Google recognizes urls? Is this true?
This is awful, because I haven't gotten any new orders since Feb. 13, 2018, and I'm broke! :-\



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Well, most here don't feel sorry with you, ruining your Business, because
of listening to others, and killing a seemengly working moneymaker.
It's a very UNPRO way of doing such, but it's really only your problem.
I just hope, that you don't expect any donations, to keep you alive and well.
Good Luck

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Restore backups to your previous entry point. I would suggest posting in the Commercial Support section of the forum to hire a professional in order to complete this task as a custom job.

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