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I am new to Opencart, i have the Journal 2 theme and 3 big product category. When i enter the categories for the first time, they appeared in admin panel and also on website. After i add some products to one of category i saw that in admin panel it shows only 2 categories instead of 3 ( but in right down corner it says "Showing 1 to 3 of 3 (1 Pages)".

Can anybody tells me what to do in order to see the third category in order to assign products ?

I attached the photo with the problem.

Thank you



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from your OC admin dashboard, ensure to clear your caches and also from your admin - > extensions - > modifications - > refresh button when adding one or a series of data. This will refresh your store-front end's content as well.

In addition, ensure that each added data you'd like to see on the store-front end that their statuses are being set to: Active from the admin.

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