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Or … simply use this solution for the Encryption class: viewtopic.php?f=198&t=204707&p=725370#p725077

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schiggi wrote:
Wed Jul 11, 2018 12:44 am
If I replace the old 2.3 library with your suggestion, will I run into problems with old orders, api or anything?
Sorry just saw this - yes it should work. I've since changed one line of code - the new version checks iv length in case encrypted string is invalid:

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final class Encryption {
	private $cipher = 'aes-256-ctr';
	private $digest = 'sha256';
	private $key;
	public function __construct($key) {
		$this->key = $key;

	public function encrypt($value) {
		$key       = openssl_digest($this->key, $this->digest, true);
		$iv_length = openssl_cipher_iv_length($this->cipher);
		$iv        = openssl_random_pseudo_bytes($iv_length);
		return base64_encode($iv . openssl_encrypt($value, $this->cipher, $key, OPENSSL_RAW_DATA, $iv));
	public function decrypt($value) {
		$result    = NULL;
		$key       = openssl_digest($this->key, $this->digest, true);
		$iv_length = openssl_cipher_iv_length($this->cipher);
		$value     = base64_decode($value);
		$iv        = substr($value, 0, $iv_length);
		$value     = substr($value, $iv_length);
		if (strlen($iv) == $iv_length) {
			$result = openssl_decrypt($value, $this->cipher, $key, OPENSSL_RAW_DATA, $iv);
		return $result;


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