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Hello opencart experts, i am new to website building about 3 years ago I started to learn things alone on how to install a script like opencart how to make changes and etc without help of school or something like this.I have an idea and I will need your help because I don't know any programming language expect HTML if HTML can be a programming language.I have an opencart store and I want to make something, ok let's start:

I will make a Facebook messenger bot for my business page and I will put the field order on this so then I will make a simple
HTML table with contents like

Address and etc

Here is where I need your help I want after a customer press to the finish order button this contents to go in my opencart admin panel in a table or something like a dashboard table like orders table that will called "Facebook orders" and when I will press on that button to have something like the real orders menu I just want to can view the custom table and just changing from pending to complete or canceled I don't care about design I just want to have options for view pending complete and canceled.

I hope to understand what I want to make and someone from you can help me...

Thanks a lot...



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about 3 years ago I started to learn things, (me too :laugh:)
but I don't know any programming language expect HTML

Well, in this case, you did not bother much about 'the OC Way of doing it', I assume, because HTML is of rather
limited use, when it comes to custom-code an OC-Mod ! :D

Still, you're asking for too much, if you expect some Coder, to invest costly knowledge and time, just
to make your dream become reality, because it's really a CUSTOM Extension, you're asking for, and such
does very seldom come for free anymore around this Place. OC is all about money, not only for Shop Users,
so, better just don't take it personal, if no-one will assist on such, It's not meant this way ;)
Good Luck!

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