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I have just done an upgrade from V1.5.4.6 to V2.3.0.2
I had a couple of issues that were easily resolved through a bit of googling.
However I am now stuck on this one, I cannot see any of my images, they are all there, I can see them in the file system, I have checked both the config.php's - file paths are valid - permissions on the files and directories are valid.
I checked the database and the product table image paths look fine.

The problem shows up everywhere, it will not let me save my settings page, it will not let me create new folders or upload new images :-(

Can someone please help me to debug this, is there an easy way to get some debug output when OC is trying to upload and image for example?




Fri Mar 17, 2017 6:06 pm

Post by imdevlper18 » Thu Mar 23, 2017 10:44 pm


In 1.5.x version the image path was

In 2.x it changed to

So if you are developer yourself. Download the product_image table in sql format.
Open file in editor.
Do search and replace all for above term i.e
image/data to image/catalog

And then empty the product_image table and upload this new sql file.

Well if anything happens i am not responsible. This is just a help. Take backup.
The main image is present in product table. So it shall also need to be done.
The above solution is for additional images. But it would be somewhat similar.

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