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I've recently tried to clean both ocMod and vqMod caches.
I've cleaned ocMod cache using a button in admin panel and vqMod cache by just removing /siteroot/vqmod/mods.cache + /siteroot/vqmod/vqcache/*.php files.

After that I've lost the functionality of a module that allows users to subscribe to some out of stock goods so they get notified when they are in stock again.

It so turned out that this plugin is listed twice with the same name in the plugins list:
- one instance's settings window simply has a single dropdownlist with just 2 values 'Enabled' and 'Disabled' and seems like it is broken, because it always stays 'Disabled', even if I switch it and hit 'Save settings' button;
- the other one's settings window has <a href="">this</a>, which looks semi-broken too :-/

Problem with the plugin - is that I don't know where that module was taken from and thus can't seem to reinstall it properly.
Problem with cleaning cache - is that the cache files don't seem to get re-created after I deleted them, so I had to restore them from the older backup so that that plugin would at least function from the user's point (the site now has 'subscribe me to this goods' button back, but no menu in admin panel where I could get info about pending subscriptions).

Please, help, I am getting desperate.

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Post by cyclops12 » Tue Mar 14, 2017 3:38 am

Once you have cleared all your caches then clicking on the refresh button in admin modifications will re-install all the cache files needed/changed by the mods you have installed and enabled

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