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Hello there,

Ilias here, thank you for hosting me in your forum ::)

I would like to inform you about our price comparison engine that allows you to advertise and reach customers from all of the European Union.

Venolt, is a price comparison engine that does not aim to a single country but to the whole European Union. Stores that are our partners get full European exposure and are able to reach regions that they could not before. Reaching out more customers, means more customers that want to buy your products thus more sales.

So, if you are an owner of a current store in the EU that sells smartphones (more countries and product categories will be added soons), that is limited only in domestic sales, you can join our platform, be a partner, and list your products in our search engine, getting exposure to the countries that you specify.

The best part? If you complete your registration now, no registration fees or the clicks that user make will be charged. In other words, we are 100% free, you will not even have to provide us a credit card (for at least 5-6 months) ;)

If you have hesitations about accounting stuff, on how to start selling abroad, visit this article in our help center. 90% of our partners were not required to make accounting changes in their businesses.

Taking part in our platform is easy. In general, you submit your store's information along with the shipping costs and publish a XML/RSS feed in your website that lists your products with their prices. A guide to register can be found here ;)

So, for any questions, I am here! Or, if you want a more personalized support, drop us a ticket or send us an email at, our folks will love to help you!

Thanks a lot ;D



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