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IP_CAM wrote:would it not just be simpler, to let Users decide on such as using VqMod or OcMod only ?! ;)
Not the 'users' are deciding what they will/shall need/use, it's the developers choice.
Ask 100 users if they know the difference between these 2, I am sure not more than 5 will know.

At least they have to install VQMod if the extension is made with it - and that is the poor developers decision.
The shame is, from 100 developers (if they are) not the half know the difference!

But all of that is not the discussion here.
Have one of you 2 looked inside the xml of daiphuho8x - guess not.


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The post has now been split to the off-topics which originally comes from:
straightlight wrote:
Have one of you 2 looked inside the xml of daiphuho8x - guess not.
Can you provide the fact and accuracy to where exactly I indicated not having checked the XML file please?
The topic has been split into the off-topics of the forum to avoid off-topic response. If you wish to continue discussing this, feel free to do so over here.

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