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Is there anyone, that simple can explain me whats possible with OpenCart and multi shop. I´m selling the same few products in 5 different countryes, 5 different domains, different priceing in each country (not only the currency is different, also the priceing)

1. Can i make categorys / Products one time only, and then change text and pricing/currency for each country ?

2. Is the same functions there on all stores regarding to SEO functions, i.e. Meta describtion, meta tags, ect. ?

3. Is there anything else i schould be aware of ?

Please if possible on feedback, do not use to much tecnical terms. Im a sales person and would not understand it. It would be great if there was a live demo somewhere on a backend, with multi-store set up.

I have just spent time with a magento solution, and the only good thing for me there was that the multi-shop function was totally flexible. But the solution is too heavy for my small needs in functions. Opencart looks fine and simple, i just want to clear this out before i make the decision

Hope someone could clear it our for me



Thu Dec 15, 2011 5:11 am
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