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Seems like all the advice here concerning integrating Joomla and OpenCart is ... MY GOD YOU FOOL DON'T DO IT!!!

But I have the situation I have. I have a tech company client and we’re building a new site in Joomla. They explicitly desire an OpenCart implementation within the Joomla environment. We have it *mostly* working using the JooCart extension for Joomla. We however are having a severe issue with locating images/image directories. Been poking at it and applying some kludges, and i think it’s an "under the hood” configuration problem just a bit past my skill set.

But essentially JoomCart can't "see" the image directories, even despite some hacks... The OpenCart Dashboard within JoomCart doesn't really "see" image directories - and Image Manager behaves erratically.

One hack I've attempted it connecting it to a install of OpenCart outside of the Joomla directory with it's own separate database. I can get it to embed the demo store, but some images work, others don't.

I am thinking that there is some config file I could/should mod to get JooCart to "see" the image directories paths - but I haven't found (or am able to identify) it.

Any insights?



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Did you get this resolved?



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Since this request is about integrating Opencart into Joomla and not the other way around, I would suggest to post the suggestion to the Joomla support site and see if this an enquiry they may help you with.

The most generated errors being found on Opencart forum originates from contributed programming.


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