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This extension allows to monitor the configuration setting keys and setting values versus the installed extensions with
or without orders involved by using a simple filter on the module page. The monitor also includes field statuses knowing if
the extension is currently installed with the configuration settings with and without orders in the process.

Each order IDs and order statuses are being compared with the order status IDs of the store settings. The extension code associated with / without the order will be
displayed. The extension status will either show Active / Inactive in realtime.

The order stores are all the associated stores linked with the installed extensions linked with the orders.

The extension settings monitor also scans for all the following features:

- Length Classes
- Weight Classes
- Order Statuses
- Geo Zones
- Tax Rates
- Tax Classes

either with / without the orders.

A datetime range can be selected as well as the order limit per row in admin/controller/extension/module/extension_setting_monitor.php below the index() method.

An integrated filter is in place to ensure the results are being displayed with / without orders involved.

In addition, the configuration keys are also detected whether they match with the extension database table (OC v3.0.2.0 version or higher required for this particular feature).

Extension URL: ... n_id=33558

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