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I'm running OpenCart
I'm looking for a commercial extension to purchase (if available) or for a developer to code it (if it's not available) to do the followings:

Let's say we sell PC Computers and we have a category where users can create custom configurations of different PC's starting from a particular Motherboard.

The Motherboard "ASUS" is one of the the main / base products here from which the user will start to build it's personalized system. (there would be also Gigabyte motherboards, DELL ... et). So this product has it's own stock and price.

Using the production options the users can add different components like different brands of "Memories", "HDD's" "Graphic Cards" and so on ... to this "ASUS" Motherboard.

In our store the "Memories", "HDD's", Graphic Cars" are all listed on their own categories with unique model-name or SKU and inventory quantities. AS you know for each Memory there are quite many brands and variants available , same for HDDs and Graphic Cards so in theory there would be quite many option values to select.

So this product option values that users select to be added on the base product are actually other store products with their own price and stocks.

It is very very difficult for us to keep product option values updated with every price change or stock quantity variations for all the options listed on custom configurable products so there must be something dynamically here ... something to dynamically link product option values with the other store products (for pricing and stocks)

So we need an extension that would allow us to dynamically link product option values (for price and stock / availability) with other standalone products listed on different categories (dynamically linked price and quantity / availability, not necessary the naming ...) so if for example we run out of stock of Memory 4GB Corsair brand when we set the stock "0" for the Memory 4GB Corsair standalone product listed in Memory category the product Option Value "4GB Corsair from Customizable "Asus" PC to be grayed out automatically without the possibility for the user to select it.

Same apply if the price for a graphic card is changed in it's own category, the option value linked to that standalone product graphic card from the customizable "ASUS" PC to be automatically updated with the newer price.

I'm thinking if we would have an extra field in the OPTIONS > Add New Option > Option Value Name where we could enter the linked product by Model or by SKU it would help us to archive this.

A such functionality it would make our store management a lot easier having product options

If there is an ready available commercial extension I would be happy to purchase it.
If there is on this forum developers that could do it please contact me in private with a quotation and delivery time frame.

Please feel free to ask questions if there are any clarifications needed.



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Yes I have this mod here: ... n_id=17900

It does exactly as you need. Lets you link actual products to other products as options.
So for example

Code: Select all

Product: Computer
  - Color
      - Red                  <--- Normal option
      - Green               <--- Normal option
  - Keyboard:
      - Microsoft 6000  <--- linked to real product
      - Logitech Ergo    <--- linked to real product
  - Mouse:
      - Logitech MX     <--- linked to real product
      - Razer XYZ        <--- linked to real product

If you add the Red Computer to your cart with the Microsoft 6000 keyboard and the Razer mouse, Instead of seeing those as options in the cart like this:

Code: Select all

1 x Computer
  - Color: Red
  - keyboard: Microsoft 6000
  - mouse: Razer XYZ
it will instead add the "real" products and leave only the normal options (yes they can co-exist)

Code: Select all

1 x Computer
   - Color: Red
1 x Microsoft 6000
1 x Razer XYZ
This lets those linked options use their normal product stock levels and pricing.

OpenCart 2.0.x Mod Update Info

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Post by smprofx » Thu Aug 20, 2015 6:05 pm

Thank you!
It seams to do the important thing that is needed. Have options linked with other store products!
I have already purchased it and test.
Will need your help because I encounter some errors which may be related to my particular store only due to other extensions. I have sent you an email with request for support.



Wed Aug 12, 2015 6:48 pm

Post by parisarms » Sun Apr 08, 2018 8:37 am

I'm looking for something like this but for version 3.0.2

I've searched on Google but haven't turned up anything that matches as close as this. Any ideas?



Mon Dec 11, 2017 2:35 pm
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