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At work, we use Opencart and I have developed two modules that I think some of you may find useful.

The first module, Download Product Photos, allows your customers to download your products' photos right from the product page. You can download this module here:

The second module, Product Quantity Step, allows you to set a step value for your products' quantity. For example, if you sell your products in multiples of 3, the product page will only allow you to set a quantity amount in multiples of 3. You can download that module here:

These modules are only available for Opencart version 1.5.6.x but if there is enough interest and people find them useful, I may consider adapting them for newer versions of Opencart.

If you find any bugs, please post them here or on the respective github pages.

Josan Iracheta

I developed two Opencart modules and made them open source:
Download Product Photos & Product Quantity Step



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I've just sent you a Mail !

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