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Just wondering if you have or are working or have plans to build a multi warehouse inventory extension? We currently have our own warehouse and use 2 other 3rd party warehousing in others states and keeping track of interstate stock is very difficult with the default opencart.

We also drop ship some products from others occasionally.
I know there and many cloud based (pay per month) systems that can be synced but would prefer to have it integrated into admin for many reasons.
If you are interested is such extension I would be keen to know your plans or ideas. Maybe there are others looking for this same capabilities that could help fund this new module or maybe it is already out there! Any thoughts? :crazy:

My ideas on how this extension would work? So new page in admin (similar to product page) with
1. extra column that you can assign a rack space code per product to help know where in the warehouse it's stored. And the ability to create added columns for notes or any other details that might help with picking packing...

2. Multiple Warehouses, expand the stock column so the stock amount would be total in stock in all warehousing then display the break down of stock between different warehouses. Need ability to view by pop-up and edit stock and move stock between warehousing etc.

3. Assign stock take to orders! This is were it gets complicated... my thoughts is that an easy to edit status pop-up display on order page were you add normal order status. This would need to show each products availability per warehouse so you can mark off were you are picking from. Be good to set up a default warehouse that the stock is marked to as an option and also per product that can be edited on any order, so basically a stock check on order status page. Would also need the option not to take stock if the order is getting sent from a drop shipper...

There could be better ways for these to happen but this is my ideas on how it would work best. If this could be coded to work with the vender drop ship extension it would be pretty cool.

What is your thoughts?

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Post by straightlight » Wed Dec 27, 2017 10:28 am

This free extension displays the product location from where the product is being purchased from: ... n_id=26322 . It seem your three aspects above demonstrate the idea of use for product locations which, in this case, would be for warehouses.

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