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This would be useful for fast food takeaways who have dishes that include side orders. Normally the side orders such as Boiled Rice or Chips can be ordered separately so all the takeaway is interested in knowing is how many of each particular item to cook and the total price of the order (in case of offering free delivery on orders over a certain value). My idea is that when the product is set-up as a side order in the backend, the only thing that will be needed to edit is the price. Model number, SKU, etc stay the same.

Something like this would certainly make life easier !!!

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Post by IP_CAM » Fri Oct 20, 2017 11:51 am

Well, there have been multiple attempts, to combine different Products into one Order, as
you can find out by checking this link below. In some cases, basically, a category page is used,
instead of a Product Page, and with some imagination and some code-design, a MASTER
Cat-Page could be created, to have some image(s) displayed i a larger size, and every 'option'
would be represented by an individual Product, eventually a zoomable image as well.
Or then, use the regular OC Product - Options, with an (Extension) Image and Price included,
Check it out !
Good Luck ;)

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