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Not sure if the powers that be take this section of the forums all that seriously but here is what I would like


Its simple - instead of having product attributes - you have category attributes! - This way when you attempt t add a product all the attributes for that category are displayed as fields when you go to add a product - This would make a way better opencart. I know there's modules out there - I have some so don't jump on me but wouldn't it be a far superior method of automatically adding relevant product attributes in a consistant way? if you like me - you may come back to adding products weeks later only to find that yu forget what attributes should apply so ... once again in my opinion - modules are all very well but a stronger product core should be considered for a future release.


I know the die hards will scream this would break backward compatibility ... but for Christs Sake .... isn't that is what versions are for?
I for one NEED to have multiple manufacturers (brands) representing a product and also when you click on a brand - the Categories and sub categories that are associated with that brand. Is Opencart going to continue with the same 'yesterday' database structure into the future or is somebody going to actually bring OC into the modern and very real world?

Sorry for the small rant but I'm waiting years on OC to see the light

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