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Contact Us form fails to send email.

As can be seen from perusing the many problems reported with the Contact Us Form email over various versions, this is almost certainly due to the web hosting rejecting the message for spoofing or spamming reasons.

As in our case all the other email messages and notifications work fine, but the Contact Us does not.

However I can make it work correctly when I send it from my local host test system, which reinforces the web hosting rejection as being the cause of the problem

So, while I am waiting on hold for another 45 minutes to talk to the web host support, I put together a few ideas to design a new feature as a solution to the problem.

How about:
1. The Contact Us form writes the message to a table, and that brings up an admin Dashboard notification for an unanswered Query. So the query can be answered “in the system” rather than using the email account.
2. The list of Queries can be added under the Sales menu with the Orders and Returns. The Queries and Responses could be retained for reference and easy replication of responses, or deleted if so desired.
3. Answering the query by entering a response would then email the response to the originator – we know that sort of email, like the Order acknowledgements and Customer Applications, works.
4. We could then also have the option to flag the query as a FAQ and have it listed (without the originator details of course) from a FAQ link on the middle footer links.
5. After response we could edit the queries and responses to better clarify FAQs and also manually enter our own queries and responses to build up a FAQ list.
6. The Query table would have fields for Date, Name, Email, Subject, Query text, Response text, Answered flag, FAQ flag, FAQ Topic (for sorting) etc

I do hope something like this can be done, to both solve the Contact Us email problems and to provide a better functionality.


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