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We are launching a trading platform for food products. Unfortunately, there are no functions necessary for us in Opencard.

Our platform is OpenCart 2.3 and Journal 2.9 theme.

Our needs are divided into two parts.

Part 1 - is what you need to do.

Part 2 - is what we would like but not necessary.

Part 1:
1. Changing the quantity of goods directly from the card (in categories)
2. Changing the number of items in the cart (plus\minus)
3. Output on a card of the goods of different types of the prices - for a piece and kilogram

example here - ... ee/svinina
( is the OpenCart site).

Part 2:

1. Display the status of the goods on his card in categories.
The man added the goods to the basket and flipped down the list. When he again appeared at the beginning of the list he sees that this product is already in the basket.
Quantity and "product in favorites" are shown directly on the card.
(mouse cursor not hovered on product)

2. Decimal Quantity.
A person wants to buy 300 grams of nuts (a step of adding weight - nuts 100 grams) or 600 grams of apples (a step of adding apples weighing 200 grams).

How much will it cost by items and all together?

(My native language is Russian)



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