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I need Opencart module that can help customer to order their needs. So, my team will order their needs in admin page.

The flow are:

1. Customer will order by texting in Whatsapp / email with this format:


#2-Dress Blue-L
#1-Dress Red-M
#1-Dress Long-M
#1-Hat Black-M

2. Admin will put (paste) that text to text box in admin page. that text format will translate it to order detail (detail of member based on email) and it will show the detail of order (check the stock)

- if there are more than one address saved to that account, will be chosen the first one
- the shipping cost / method is configurable on this page

3. The detail of the order (name, phone number, address, detail item, detail bank account) will be show in simple text format, so Admin can copy it and paste it to customer's Whatsapp

4. At the sampe page (Admin Page) there is check out button, so If all items are ready, admin could do check out and the order are inserted to Order List.

Additional Info:
- My website has run using normal mechanisme of online shop
- the additional feature only one page - admin page that can help customer order their needs.

Please help if you know any solution for this. Or maybe you know module on marketplace that can fulfill my needs.

thank you.



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Post by IP_CAM » Fri Jul 13, 2018 2:52 am

Well, you're asking for a highly professional Custom Development,
you should therefore better have placed this Posting in the commercial
Section of this Forum. This, since Dev's might not follow much 'Featured
Requests' Topics Requests, to hopefully be implemented in future Versions.
Good Luck, but it will not come for very cheap, I fear ... 8)

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