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Hello Folks ,

I am wondering How Can I make photo print website ? simple page

I could make web-pages long time ago. I used these scripts maybe 10 years ago. php-nuke )) phphbb vbulletin smf mambo joomla wordpress drupal. something like these . I tried open-cart 2 years ago little bit. but I didn't do something completely.

now I want to make favour for my friend. and I said I can do web-page for you. he has photo printer machine but he doesn't know web-techonolgy so much.

I want to do simple web-page for receive photo print orders.

people will visit us our page. and they will choose size and what kind of material and they will upload photo and they will write their information and they will complete to progress.

and they will send money with bank transfer. I don't want to set-up credit card system. and I don't want design at site. we will just print photos and we will send with cargo. He will give good quality and good price .

anyone can help ? any idea ?



Tue Oct 09, 2018 12:01 am

Post by Johnathan » Tue Oct 09, 2018 1:26 am

It sounds like OpenCart would work for you, if you set up a "File Upload" option on the product, and enable just the "Bank Transfer" payment method.

Other people may have some suggestions for you, but just to note, if you're looking to hire someone to assist with this, you can post a request in the OpenCart "Commercial Support" forum, which is checked by a number of OpenCart developers. You can also try checking out the OpenCart "Partners" area.

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