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I'm running and I have a store that is at where I sell 4 or 5 different kinds of products, each in its own category with maybe 100 products in each category. One of those kinds of products has got quite large and has sub-categories and I now wish to give that entire product its own website. I haven't fooled around with stores, but I am told that I could do this with the multi-store ability, which makes sense. However, what I can't understand from reading about the multi-store function is if I make a second store which only sells this category of product, can that second store have its own separate domain name ie, ? I am assuming that I can give this store a different home page design, a different logo, different information pages etc, it would just have the same products as one section of the original site. If I have that wrong or there are major problems with what I am thinking, please let me know.



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Well, strictly technically, a second Domain Name could be routed, to access the same Files,
but then, due to the config.php settings, an existing OC Software would not be able,
to handle such. In addition, if you want to change a layout, this could not be done by use of
a multi-shop configuration. I assume at least, since I never played around with Multi-Shop

I would therefore consider, to copy an existing Database, and use it's content, or parts of it,
in a separate Shop Installation, running under it's own domain, then, you are free to use
your own theme, extensions, and your own products on each installation. And this way,
whatever happen to one of the Sites, or Database, the other site would not be affected.

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Post by victorj » Tue Jun 12, 2018 4:14 am

Using multistore can do that.
Just add a new domain to your hosting.
normally that domain points to e new folder in your public_html folder.
edit the path so it will point to public_html.
in cpanel your first domainname would be:
your new domain would be:
make sure it points to:

in oc admin go to settings and add new url store and make sure you end with a / ie

go to categories and asign the categories you want to new store.
ad products to new store.
ad info pages to new store
choose a template for new store.

Each store can have its own logo temp;ate looks etc.

example here

Pm for log in to admin so you can play around

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