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I want to do the following but im unsure if this can be done with Opencart or with any addons of Opencart..

I have 12 branches across the country and i want to create one online store.

I want to have products but assign different availability for each branch. For example i want to have 10 medium Tshirts to branch A and 20 medium ones to branch B.

On the product detail page I need the customers to select from which branch they want to order and see the availability of that product in the selected branch. (or at least show a list of the branches which have it in stock without having to select any)

Only pick up option must be available and Customers must be able to select from which branch they want to pick up their order.

Another important thing is that i need to add 3 prices. One dealer price, one re-seller price and one end customer price.

Commission option for the branches would be good as well..

Finally i want to be able to get statistics on sales per shop.

Are all these possible with Opencart? :) Im really having a hard time finding a software which can do all these without a ton of customizations..

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Wed Jun 06, 2018 5:00 pm

Post by Johnathan » Wed Jun 06, 2018 9:42 pm

OpenCart can do some of this (e.g. different prices for different customer groups) but can't do all of this without customization. I doubt you're going to find extensions for it, so you'd probably need to hire someone to customize it for you.

If you need to find a developer, you should post a request in the OpenCart "Commercial Support" forum, which is checked by a number of OpenCart developers. You can also try checking out the OpenCart "Partners" area.

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