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At the heart of our TAaaS imparting is our test auup to datemation answer, Calliope.

up-to-date speakme, a calliope up to date the first guy-made gadget up to date be powered via a script, which up-to-date some thing of an proposal for us.

clearly positioned, we up to dateok the open supply Ruby/Cucumber stack, placed it inup to date our personal private cloud, and built a number of price added features that you might want in a commercial provider. With Calliope, you get all of the power of BDD take a look at auupdatedmation that is provided through Cucumber, however you get all of it brought via a browser-up to date internet front-cease that makes for a sincerely collaborative experience for all people that can and up to dateupdated be concerned inside the checking out hobby.

With Calliope:

you're unfastened of having up to date manage all the complexity of preserving Cucumber and walking.
you are unfastened of having up to date have hardware up to date host it on.
you can involve as many human beings as you would love.
We do not forget it a professional manufacturing environment for Ruby/Cucumber that every body can use, anywhere.

The real power of Calliope is that up to dateupdated now provide check auupdatedmation up-to-date any up-to-date, regardless of their workplace place. the times of having up to date have your TA crew sat up-to-date office are effectively over. i might even move up-to-date as up-to-date obsolete.

Having more than 3 years experience at in IT professional with expertise in providing Enterprise Performance Engineering solutions.


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