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Who’s this going to be useful for?
Each Qlik and RapidMiner talk up their ease of use. As Qlik puts it, ‘no want for developers, records scientists or designers’. RapidMiner functions consist of an ‘clean to use visual surroundings for constructing analytics methods’. The concept is to make records useful across the enterprise by means of making it accessible to anybody who makes use of facts to make choices. in this video, Ingo Mierswa, founder and president of RapidMiner, uses the instance of a regional supervisor the use of Qliksense training and RapidMiner collectively to investigate churn and decide where to recognition movement. this could follow to any individual in the organization who desires to take action primarily based on evidence.
the integration of Qlik and RapidMiner also can be useful for information scientists. As Ingo Mierswa points out on this video with the tale of Joe The facts Scientist it's far all very well to supply a fantastic data version however if no person cares it’s wasted attempt. Qlik allows records scientist as it enables them to supply predictive analytics and moves into a regarded dashboard. perception presented in a recognised manner may be seen, understood and acted on.
How do you do it?
It’s all very well to know who’s going to be helped by way of integrating Qlik and RapidMiner and why you'll do it. however, you then want to recognise a way to do it, proper?
In easy terms there are two steps:
The Qlik utility (either QlikSense or QlikView) invokes the execution of a system by way of calling a RapidMiner Server internet carrier that changed into formerly configured
RapidMiner Server executes technique and returns the processed information because the net service reaction payload
RapidMiner has this page which gives a high-level overview of how Qlik and RapidMiner may be integrated.
RapidMiner offers a detailed manual on how to show a RapidMiner Server system as an internet service and here there may be a step by step guide on how to name the net carrier out of your QlikSense surroundings.

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