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Novice question, how hard is move installed last version OpenCart from folder ( to root (

Is it easy and only for example copy all in folder into root, or exist some problems here?

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Make sure, to have NO .htaccess file, no index.php file, or anything else in the ROOT Section, possibly colliding with a similarly named OC-File. Then, move everything from the Shop-Subdirectory into the ROOT, and rename all the Links and Paths in BOTH of your config.php Files (Root and Admin!), to match again. Then, make sure, the Opencart .htaccess file:
REWRITE ENGINE 'RewriteBase' Path is set correctly:

Code: Select all

# SEO URL Settings
RewriteEngine On
RewriteBase /your-subdirectoryname/

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# SEO URL Settings
RewriteEngine On
RewriteBase /
and it all should work again, after you cleaned out all CACHE+LOG Sections
first, especially the entire system/storage/modification/... SubDirectory
CONTENT and the system/storage/cache/... CONTENT in (some!) OC-2.x, the
system/cache/... Subdirectory CONTENT in OC-1.x, plus the image/cache/...
Subdirectory Content! And if you use VqMod, clean out the vqmod/vqcache/...
Content as well. And with OC-2, later, if the ADMIN system works, FIRST go to
Extensions/Modifications and click CLEAR and RELOAD , to get rid
of old OcModded Data in the DB as well !

BUT BETTER remove all that crab, before you move, it only saves transfer-time!
And download a FULL COPY first, before you removed a single file, just to make sure. ;)

Afterwards, if you use (the default) VqMod System, you have to re-install the
VqMod Routine again, by calling this link at the very first,
to make sure, that VqMod is able to do it's Job as requested:
http: // yoursite / vqmod/install/index.php

This, under the aspect, that you have no hardcoded Links to the old Shopsite placed anywhere in your OC Software, Extensions, or even in the DB. You will find out!
Good Luck ! ;)

PS: All this is NOT meant to match OC v.2.3.x Versions, I am not familiar with them. :D

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