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Hi Everybody.. I had an idea.. and I am sure its not new..
We all use opencart, and we all are trying to get better exposure for our websites, and paying SEO professionals is fine, but can be a waste of money.
Google still seems to value links to your website very highly, and they like "real" links not just mass produced ones by SEO companies.
So why don't we start sharing each others Links, just little by little .. not 1000's at a time..
I am happy to share anyones link that will share mine.
We could simply set up an information page Called "Important links" and paste a little text, like a brief description of the website and a link to it.
At the moment I have very few links to my site and anything is better than nothing..
Any ideas? let me know...
If there is any interest, we may need someone with a bit of programming skills to do a plugin maybe so we can check that links are active...

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Should be moved to the Off Topics section of the forum ...

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Post by Richard Lee » Sat Aug 11, 2018 12:33 am

Thanks for sharing Seo link . I agree with you



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